In the dynamic world of breakdancing, some moves not only showcase the dancer’s skill but also tell a story of their origins and the influences that shaped them. Today, we dive into the 360 Kick Drop, a powerful and complex movement taught by Poe One of the legendary Style Elements Crew. With over three decades of experience, Poe One combines knowledge, tradition, and creativity, offering a technique that blends elements from iconic dancers like Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew and Gabang from Actual Force.

Understanding the 360 Kick Drop

The 360 Kick Drop is more than just a breakdancing move; it’s a culmination of history, technique, and personal flair that Poe One has perfected over the years. This move involves a full rotational motion combined with a kick and a precise drop, making it a visually striking element in any b-boy’s repertoire.

Preparation and Safety

Before attempting the 360 Kick Drop, it’s crucial to ensure you’re adequately warmed up. This move requires agility, balance, and core strength, so focus on dynamic stretches and light cardiovascular exercises to get your blood flowing.

Equipment Needed:

  • Comfortable Clothing: Ensure maximum flexibility and minimal restriction.
  • Good Quality Sneakers: Provide support and grip to execute the move safely.
  • Adequate Space: Enough room to perform full rotations without obstructions.

Step-by-Step Breakdown

Step 1: Starting Position

  • Initiate the Move: Begin in a relaxed stance, feet shoulder-width apart. This initial stance is crucial as it sets the foundation for the momentum needed in the move.

Step 2: The Attack and Protect Phase

  • Attack: Simulate a martial arts attack to gain momentum. This involves a slight forward movement with one foot, akin to stepping into a lunge.
  • Protect: Bring your arms up in a defensive posture as if blocking an incoming attack. This not only adds to the visual flair but also helps maintain balance.

Step 3: The Kick and Spin

  • Kick: Execute a roundhouse-like kick. This is not just about height but also about speed and control. As Poe One suggests, imagine you’re facing an opponent.
  • Spin: Use the momentum from your kick to initiate a full 360-degree spin. The key here is fluidity and control throughout the motion.

Step 4: The Drop

  • Landing: After completing the spin, you will land in a squat position. The transition from the kick to the squat must be smooth, as it impacts the flow and execution of the entire move.
  • Final Position: Maintain a low center of gravity in the squat to stabilize your landing. This position also sets you up perfectly for any subsequent moves or to finish with poise.

Training Tips for Mastering the 360 Kick Drop

  • Practice the Components Separately: Break down the move into segments (attack, protect, kick, spin, and drop) and practice each part individually before linking them together.
  • Focus on Fluidity: The beauty of the 360 Kick Drop lies in its seamless flow from one element to the next. Work on making each transition smooth and natural.
  • Build Core Strength: This move demands a strong core to maintain balance and execute the spin effectively. Incorporate core strengthening exercises into your routine.
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Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  • Losing Momentum: This move relies heavily on the momentum generated in the initial steps. Ensure each part is executed with enough energy to carry you through the entire move.
  • Poor Landing Form: Landing improperly not only reduces the impact of the move but can also lead to injuries. Always aim to land softly and in control.

Creative Variations

Once you have mastered the basic 360 Kick Drop, start experimenting with different styles:

  • Add Flares: Integrate arm movements or additional kicks before the drop to personalize the move.
  • Change Speed: Altering the speed of the spin or the timing of the kick can add a unique twist to your performance.


The 360 Kick Drop is a testament to the evolution of breakdancing, encapsulating the essence of the dance’s martial arts influences and its street origins. As taught by Poe One, this move is not just about physical execution but also about understanding its background and significance in the hip-hop culture. Practice diligently, pay attention to detail, and remember to infuse your personality into every movement. Breakdancing is an art form that celebrates individual expression through powerful, rhythmic storytelling.

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