Welcome to an in-depth tutorial where we explore an advanced footwork technique in breakdancing known as the 8 Step, taught by the legendary Bboy Crumbs from Style Elements Crew and Killafornia. Crumbs, renowned for his innovations in breakdancing and appearances in music videos and movies, brings a unique twist to the traditional steps that every aspiring b-boy or b-girl should know.

The 8 Step is an evolution of the basic 6 Step, enhanced by Crumbs to incorporate additional moves that create a more complex and visually appealing sequence. This move isn’t just about technical skill; it’s about expression and style, embodying the creativity that breakdancing offers.

Understanding the 8 Step

Before diving into the steps, it’s essential to grasp why the 8 Step is significant. This footwork pattern adds complexity and flair to the foundational 6 Step, providing a fresh rhythm and sequence that can be a game-changer in battles and performances. The addition of two extra steps allows for more variety and intricacy, making it a crucial skill for dancers looking to enhance their repertoire.

Step-by-Step Breakdown

Crumbs emphasizes the importance of mastering this move slowly to ensure each step is executed with precision. Here’s how to approach learning the 8 Step:

Step 1: Start in a neutral footwork position

  • Begin with your hands and feet on the ground, ready to move.

Step 2: The first move

  • Instead of crossing your left leg behind your right as in a standard 6 Step, place it in front, setting the stage for the unique elements of the 8 Step.

Step 3: The second move

  • Move your right leg in front of your left leg, shifting your weight accordingly.

Step 4: The third move

  • Transition by placing your left leg behind your right knee, staying low to maintain speed and control.

Steps 5-8: Completing the cycle

  • Continue the sequence by moving through traditional 6 Step positions but with added transitions that include shifts and twists that challenge your balance and speed.
  • Finish the sequence by returning to your starting position, prepared to either repeat the 8 Step or transition into other moves.

Key Tips for Mastery

  • Practice Slowly: Crumbs stresses the necessity of practicing the 8 Step slowly to fully understand and execute each movement correctly.
  • Pay Attention to Form: Each step should be sharp and precise. Sloppy footwork can lead to a less impactful performance.
  • Use Your Upper Body: Your arms and torso are essential for balance and aiding in the swift movements of your legs.
  • Build Your Stamina: The 8 Step is demanding. Regular practice will improve not only your skill but also your endurance, which is vital for longer sessions or battles.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Rushing Through Steps: Take the time to learn each phase of the 8 Step. Rushing can lead to a misunderstanding of the movements and their purposes.
  • Neglecting Upper Body Control: Many beginners focus solely on their legs. Remember, your upper body is crucial for maintaining balance and style.
  • Ignoring Timing and Rhythm: Breakdancing is as much about rhythm as it is about movement. Each step should be timed to match the beat of the music.
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Integrating the 8 Step into Your Dance

Once you are comfortable with the mechanics of the 8 Step, start incorporating it into your freestyles and routines. This step is not only a showcase of technical skill but also of your ability to transition smoothly between different movements. Experiment with entering into and exiting from the 8 Step in various ways to keep your routines fresh and exciting.


Learning the 8 Step from a master like Bboy Crumbs offers invaluable insights into the blend of creativity and discipline that breakdancing requires. This tutorial is not just about adding another step to your dance but about deepening your understanding of how footwork can enhance your overall performance and style.

Remember, the path from A to Z in breakdancing requires you to diligently work through B, C, and D — every step is a building block to your development as a dancer.

Stay dedicated, practice relentlessly, and most importantly, express yourself through every step you master. Happy dancing!

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