In the vibrant world of breakdancing, mastering the fundamentals can transform your performance from good to spectacular. Today, we dive into an essential element of Top Rock called the “Skipping Side Steps.” This dynamic step builds on the basics of what many might know as “Salsa Steps,” pushing your agility, speed, and expressive capability to new heights. If you’re ready to enhance your Top Rock and captivate audiences with your moves, let’s break down the Skipping Side Steps and understand how to execute them flawlessly.

Understanding Skipping Side Steps

The Skipping Side Steps are a natural progression from the simpler Salsa Steps. This movement involves a combination of rhythm, timing, and coordination that captures the essence of breakdancing. But before diving into the Skipping Side Steps, ensure you are comfortable with the Salsa Steps. These foundational movements are crucial as they set the groundwork for the more complex Skipping Side Steps.

Step-by-Step Breakdown

  1. Foundation – Salsa Steps:
    • Start by mastering the basic motion: step to the side and then together, and then the other side and together.
    • Repeat this motion: side, together, side, together. This movement should be fluid and rhythmic.
  2. Introducing the Skip:
    • Begin with the same side-to-side movement.
    • As you step out to the side, incorporate a small “kick” with the opposite leg. After the kick, bring that leg down to step next to the leading leg.
    • This motion is rhythmic: kick down step, kick down step. It’s like marking the beat with every kick and step.
  3. Elevating with the Skip:
    • The actual “skip” involves a subtle hop. As you kick, add a small hop with the leading leg.
    • It’s essential to time your hop precisely with the kick to maintain balance and rhythm.
    • The sequence now becomes: hop (with kick) down step, hop (with kick) down step.

Practice Tips for Perfect Execution

  • Start Slow: Begin practicing at a slow pace to ensure each movement is precise. Focus on the timing of the kick and the hop.
  • Build Speed Gradually: Once you are comfortable with the movements at a slow pace, gradually increase your speed. This will help you maintain control even as you execute faster.
  • Use a Mirror: Practice in front of a mirror to visually check your form and improve your posture and alignment.

Adding Movement and Travel

One of the exciting aspects of the Skipping Side Steps is the ability to travel across the dance floor. This movement isn’t just stationary; it allows you to move forward, backward, and across, adding a dynamic element to your performance.

  • Practicing Travel: Start in one spot and practice moving forward with each skip and step. Then, practice moving backward. This will enhance your spatial awareness and ability to control the movement over larger distances.

Arm Movements and Coordination

Often, breakdancers struggle with what to do with their arms. Your arms can significantly enhance the visual impact of your Skipping Side Steps.

  • Basic Arm Movements: A simple method is to mirror your leg movements with your arms. As your leg kicks, swing your arm in the same direction. This creates a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing effect.
  • Advanced Variations: As you become more comfortable, experiment with different arm styles. You could spin your arms, throw them into the air, or create unique shapes that reflect your personal style.
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Importance of Top Rocks in Breakdancing

While many might view Top Rocks as merely an introduction to more complex floor moves, they are a critical component of breakdancing. They set the tone and style of your performance, making it essential to invest time in perfecting these steps.

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Dedication to Practice: Spend significant time refining your Top Rocks. This isn’t just a prelude to floor moves but a crucial element of your dance that requires precision and style.
  • Feedback and Adjustment: Practice with peers or a coach who can provide feedback, helping you refine your movements and style.

Wrapping Up

The Skipping Side Steps are more than just dance moves; they are a testament to a dancer’s skill, style, and dedication. By mastering these steps, you elevate your breakdancing, allowing you to express yourself more fully through movement. Remember, the key to mastering any dance move is consistent practice and a willingness to push your boundaries. So lace up your dancing shoes, turn up the music, and start practicing those Skipping Side Steps. The floor is yours!

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