Breakdancing, an essential element of hip-hop culture, has evolved significantly since its inception in the streets of New York City during the early 1970s. As it spreads globally, various styles and moves have emerged, each reflecting the unique flavor of their creators. One such dynamic style is the “Floor Rock,” a ground-based movement that emphasizes fluidity, control, and creativity. Today, we will delve into an intriguing variation known as the “Ruffneck Attack,” a move that combines the intensity of traditional breaking with the rhythm and swagger unique to its originators.

Introduction to the Ruffneck Attack

The Ruffneck Attack is a complex breakdancing move taught by influential dancers from the Style Elements crew, known for their innovative and aggressive approach to b-boying. This tutorial is designed not just to teach you the steps but to inspire you to adapt and infuse them with your personal style. The move itself is a form of Floor Rock, which involves dynamic ground movements and transitions, offering a showcase of both strength and flexibility.

Understanding Floor Rock

Before diving into the Ruffneck Attack, it’s crucial to grasp the basics of Floor Rock. This style focuses on movements performed on the ground, using various parts of the body to maintain fluid motion, control, and rhythm. Floor Rock is not just about spinning or sweeping movements; it’s about expressing oneself with as much variety and creativity as possible.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Ruffneck Attack

The Ruffneck Attack begins with understanding the rhythm and feeling the music, as the lyrics of the tutorial suggest a deep connection between the dancer and the beats. Here’s a breakdown to guide you through learning this intricate move:

  1. Start on the Ground: Begin in a seated position, focusing on your connection with the floor. Your initial movements will set the tone for the intensity of the Ruffneck Attack.
  2. Initiate with Momentum: Use a combination of sweeps and taps to build momentum. This move relies on a continuous flow, so think about how each movement feeds into the next.
  3. Incorporate Twists and Turns: As you gain momentum, incorporate twists and body turns that challenge your core strength and flexibility. These elements are crucial for maintaining the fluidity of the Floor Rock.
  4. Use of Legs and Arms: Your legs and arms are essential in controlling your movement and speed. Use them to propel yourself around the floor, creating a dynamic and engaging performance.
  5. Repeat with Variation: Once you have the basic motion down, start adding variations. Each repetition should offer something new—change your arm positions, leg sweeps, or even your tempo.

Tips for Mastering the Ruffneck Attack

  • Practice with Patience: This move requires practice and patience. Start slowly, focusing on each component before trying to speed up.
  • Record and Review: Record your sessions to review your progress. This will help you identify areas that need improvement and ensure that you maintain form and rhythm.
  • Stay Loose and Relaxed: Tension will hinder your movements. Stay relaxed to keep your flows smooth and natural.
  • Experiment with Music: Different tracks can inspire different movements. Experiment with various types of music to see how they influence your style and execution of the Ruffneck Attack.
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Incorporating the Ruffneck Attack into Your Routine

Once you are comfortable with the basics and variations of the Ruffneck Attack, start incorporating it into your routines. This move is versatile and can serve as a transition into more dramatic power moves or as a standalone showcase of your floor skills.


The Ruffneck Attack is more than just a breakdancing move; it’s a statement of style and personal expression. As the lyrics intertwined with the tutorial suggest, this move is about finding your loophole in the sky—your unique path to expressing yourself through dance. Whether you’re performing in battles, showcases, or just practicing in your local gym, the Ruffneck Attack can add depth and intensity to your dancing repertoire. Embrace the challenge, and let your creativity lead the way to new heights in your breakdancing journey.

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