Welcome to an exciting tutorial where you’ll learn to master the Reverse Coffee Grinder, a dynamic and often overlooked breakdancing move that can add a unique twist to your dance repertoire. Unlike the traditional coffee grinder, which most breakdancers are familiar with, the reverse version offers an intriguing complexity that makes your leg movements appear more intricate and skillful. Let’s dive into the steps, variations, and training methods to help you perfect this essential footwork technique.

Understanding the Reverse Coffee Grinder

The Reverse Coffee Grinder involves reversing the direction of the traditional coffee grinder, adding a fresh layer of challenge and versatility to your footwork. This move not only enhances your agility and coordination but also strengthens your ability to control your movements with precision.

Getting Started with the Basics

Before attempting the Reverse Coffee Grinder, it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of the basic coffee grinder, as the two moves are fundamentally connected. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Regular Coffee Grinder: Involves swinging your leg in a circular motion around your planted leg while supporting yourself on your hands.

Equipment Needed:

  • Comfortable Clothing: Ensure you wear attire that allows full range of movement.
  • Dance Mat or Soft Surface: To prevent injuries and provide a comfortable practice environment.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Reverse Coffee Grinder

Step 1: Starting Position

  • Initial Stance: Begin in a squatting position with your hands placed on the floor in front of you. This will be your base to support your weight as you move.

Step 2: The Swing

  • Leg Movement: Instead of swinging your leg forward as in the regular coffee grinder, you’ll swing it backward. Start with one leg extended out to the side, then sweep it around behind the supporting leg.

Step 3: The Jump

  • Jump Over: As your swinging leg comes around to the front, perform a small jump with your supporting leg to allow the swinging leg to pass underneath it.

Step 4: Complete the Rotation

  • Continuation: After the jump, continue the leg’s motion back to the starting position. The entire movement should be smooth and fluid, forming a complete circle.

Training Exercises for Mastery

To truly excel at the Reverse Coffee Grinder, consistent practice and specific exercises are crucial:

  • Repetition Practice: Begin with sets of five complete rotations. Focus on form rather than speed to build muscle memory.
  • Incremental Increases: As you become more comfortable, increase the number of repetitions per set—working up from five to ten, then fifteen, ensuring each movement is precise and controlled.
  • Balance and Coordination Drills: Practice balancing drills to improve your stability while performing the move on one leg.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Speed Over Form: Many beginners try to execute the move quickly without first mastering the correct form. Start slowly, ensuring each motion is correct before increasing your speed.
  • Inconsistent Hand Placement: Your hands should provide stable support throughout the move. Inconsistent hand placement can lead to falls or incomplete rotations.
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Creative Variations and Combinations

Once you are comfortable with the basic Reverse Coffee Grinder, you can begin to incorporate it into various combinations and routines:

  • Integration with Other Moves: Try transitioning from a regular coffee grinder into a reverse coffee grinder for a visually appealing sequence.
  • Symmetry and Style: Practice the move on both legs to maintain symmetry in your dance and enhance your versatility.


The Reverse Coffee Grinder is not just a move but a statement in the breakdancing world. It reflects a dancer’s technical skill and ability to incorporate complex footwork into their routine seamlessly. By practicing diligently, focusing on the nuances of the movement, and incorporating it into various dance combinations, you can elevate your breaking to new heights. Remember, the key to mastering any dance move is patience, persistence, and creativity. So keep practicing, stay inspired, and most importantly, have fun as you add the Reverse Coffee Grinder to your dance arsenal.

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