Standing out in dance class goes beyond technical proficiency and choreographic execution. It’s about cultivating a presence that captivates and inspires, drawing upon individuality, passion, and a proactive approach to learning and performing. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned dancer, the journey to standing out begins with embracing your unique style, engaging with fellow dancers, and making every moment in the studio count. This guide explores strategies to elevate your presence, enhance your skills, and leave a lasting impression in every dance class you attend.

Talk to the choreographer before the class starts

To make a lasting impression and stand out in dance class, it’s beneficial to engage with the choreographer before the session commences. Once the class begins, choreographers are often absorbed in their responsibilities, making it difficult to establish a personal connection. By taking the initiative to introduce yourself before the class starts, offering a friendly greeting, or expressing your enthusiasm for their class, you not only become a recognizable presence but also demonstrate your proactive attitude. This simple interaction can significantly increase the likelihood of the choreographer noticing you amidst the sea of students, fostering a positive impression and potentially gaining their appreciation for your initiative and enthusiasm.

How to Stand Out in Dance Class
How to Stand Out in Dance Class

Freestyle before and after the piece

To truly shine in dance class and enhance your enjoyment, embrace the opportunity to freestyle both before and after performing choreographed pieces. The dancers who captivate the audience are often not the most flawless or technically proficient, but those who exude genuine passion for what they do. If you have a genuine love for dancing, your engagement won’t be confined to executing moves from start to finish; you’ll be dancing whenever the music plays.

To stand out and derive more pleasure from your dance experience, familiarize yourself with the timing of the piece within the class structure. Before the choreographed section begins, groove along with the music to get into the rhythm and mood of the piece. After the piece concludes, continue moving to the music, showcasing your enthusiasm and commitment to dance. This approach not only enhances your performance by aligning you with the musical vibe beforehand but also signals to your classmates your dedication to fully immersing yourself in every dance opportunity.

Wear an outfit that’s so “you”

Choosing an outfit that truly reflects your personal style can significantly enhance your presence in dance class. Whether you rock an all-black ensemble, gravitate towards vibrant windbreakers and retro sneakers, or feel your best in crop tops paired with high-waisted leggings, it’s all about staying true to yourself. Trying too hard to adopt exaggerated fashion choices that don’t align with your true style can make you stand out, but not necessarily in a positive light.

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To authentically stand out and feel confident in dance class, prioritize outfits that not only make you physically comfortable but also resonate with your personality. Incorporating one distinctive, signature item can further amplify your unique presence. Whether it’s your beloved pair of yellow Chuck Taylors or that trusty snapback you’ve been dancing in for years, embracing these pieces that reflect your individuality will naturally draw positive attention and showcase your genuine passion for dance.

How to Stand Out in Dance Class
How to Stand Out in Dance Class

Ask quality questions during dance class

Asking insightful questions during dance class not only benefits yourself but also earns the appreciation of your fellow dancers. When you pose a thoughtful question—one that cannot be easily resolved through observation alone—the choreographer’s response not only clarifies things for you but also benefits the entire class. By asking your question audibly and clearly, you provide a service to other dancers who may have had similar uncertainties. This proactive approach not only demonstrates your commitment to learning but also establishes you as a helpful presence within the dance community, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment.

Engage with the rest of the dancers in the class

Engaging with your fellow dancers in class goes beyond just interacting with the choreographer; it involves creating a sense of camaraderie among everyone present. While asking the choreographer questions can indirectly involve the rest of the class, consider taking a more direct approach with your peers. Even if you haven’t yet formed personal connections, light-hearted comments, shared glances, and offering assistance with specific dance moves are simple yet effective ways to break the ice.

Formally introducing yourself can wait until a break in the class to avoid disrupting the flow, but injecting humor and camaraderie through occasional jokes can help foster a positive class atmosphere. These interactions not only enhance the overall dynamics of the class but also contribute to building a supportive community where dancers feel comfortable and encouraged to express themselves freely.

Show up consistently to dance class

Consistently attending dance class is fundamental to achieving success in your dance journey. While maximizing each session’s potential is crucial, the cumulative effect of regular attendance cannot be overstated. Over time, your presence will naturally foster relationships with other regular attendees, studio staff, and choreographers. Establishing yourself as a familiar face and reliable participant enhances your visibility and reputation within the dance community.

Being a consistent attendee not only demonstrates dedication but also provides opportunities to improve steadily and receive personalized feedback. As Woody Allen famously said, “Showing up is 80 percent of life,” highlighting the importance of reliability and commitment in achieving goals, including mastering dance techniques and forming meaningful connections in the dance studio environment.

Take those milky / freestyle moments and make it your own

Embrace those milky/freestyle moments in dance class and make them your own opportunity to shine. These moments are frequent and invaluable – think of when the choreographer encourages you to express yourself freely, such as “your arms are free here” or “freestyle for the next 4 counts.” This is your chance to showcase your individuality.

Rather than defaulting to predictable moves or mimicking the choreographer, unleash your creativity. Use these moments to invent movements that resonate uniquely with your style while complementing the piece’s mood and the music. By doing so, you not only stand out but also demonstrate your artistic interpretation and connection to the dance. These spontaneous displays of creativity not only enhance your personal satisfaction but also enrich the overall dynamic of the class, inspiring others to explore their own artistic expressions.

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How to Stand Out in Dance Class
How to Stand Out in Dance Class

Cheer for everyone in the class!

Cheering for everyone in dance class is a powerful way to foster a sense of unity and support within the group. It’s a simple gesture that can strengthen bonds and lift spirits. Consider using phrases like “YAAAASSSS _____!!!” or “YOU BETTA _____!!!” to show your enthusiasm and encouragement. Whether it’s “WERRRRRK _____!!!” or “OKAYYYYY _____!!!”, these expressions celebrate each dancer’s efforts and achievements.

Even if you’re unfamiliar with everyone’s names, cheering for “Group 1” or addressing the “Ladies” or “Fellas” collectively can create a positive atmosphere. If you’ve recently met someone, cheering for them during their performance not only shows support but also lays the groundwork for a budding friendship.

Your supportive attitude not only sets you apart in dance class but also contributes to a happier, more inclusive environment. Positivity is contagious and attracts like-minded individuals, enhancing both your dance experience and personal well-being. So, spread the love and cheer loudly – it’s a win-win for everyone involved!


To truly stand out in dance class, it’s essential to embody more than just technical skill – passion is what sets dancers apart. When we say “go AWFFFF,” we’re talking about fully committing to every move, giving your all in group performances, pouring your energy into freestyling, and leaving it all on the dance floor. This level of dedication not only pushes you to improve but also captures the attention of everyone around you.

Going “AWFFFF” means immersing yourself completely in the piece, demonstrating your passion and enthusiasm with every step and gesture. This approach not only showcases your commitment but also has the potential to inspire fellow dancers. It’s important to note the distinction between “AWFF” and “off” – while going “AWFF” commands attention and admiration, going “off” might lead to being unnoticed or misunderstood.

By embracing this mindset of going “AWFFFF,” you not only elevate your own performance but also contribute to a vibrant and motivating atmosphere in dance class. Remember, it’s about channeling your passion into every moment, pushing boundaries, and leaving a lasting impression on everyone who shares the dance floor with you.


Standing out in dance class requires more than just mastering choreography. It involves showcasing your unique style, engaging with choreographers and classmates, and consistently demonstrating passion and dedication. This guide emphasizes the importance of creativity, confidence, and community in making a memorable impact. By embracing opportunities to express yourself, asking thoughtful questions, supporting peers, and committing fully to every movement, you can enhance your dance experience and leave a lasting impression in the studio.

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