Get ready to witness history in the making at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris! Something groundbreaking is about to happen, something that will revolutionize the world of dance sports as we know it. B-boys and B-girls, the pioneers of breakdancing, will step onto the Olympic stage for the breaking competitions, ready to battle it out for Olympic glory.

What is 2024 Olympics? 2024 Olympics, also known as the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad or simply Paris 2024, back on their regular schedule, happening every four years! It’s a huge international event where athletes from all around the globe come together to compete in lots of different sports. This time, it’s happening from July 26th to August 11th, 2024, in France. Paris is going to be the main host city, but there will also be competitions happening in 16 other cities across France.

It’s going to be a massive celebration of sports, culture, and unity, marking the first time breakdancing will be recognized as an official Olympic sport, a remarkable achievement for a discipline born from the vibrant streets of the Bronx. Breakdancing, with its electrifying moves and dynamic energy, has captivated audiences worldwide for decades. Now, it’s poised to take its place among the elite sports showcased at the Olympics.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to witness history unfold before your eyes. The 2024 Olympics will be a celebration of athleticism, artistry, and the indomitable spirit of the B-boy and B-girl community. It’s a moment that will inspire generations to come and solidify breakdancing’s rightful place on the world stage. Get ready to break barriers and make history at the 2024 Olympic Games!

Journey to the Olympics of breaking

Journey to the 2024 Olympics of breaking
Journey to the 2024 Olympics of breaking

Let’s take a journey back to the 1970s, to the bustling streets of the Bronx in New York City, where something extraordinary was happening. In the heart of this vibrant community, a group of young African-American pioneers, known as B-boys and B-girls, were setting the streets on fire with their electrifying dance moves. This new dance style, known as breakdancing, emerged as a cultural phenomenon, spreading like wildfire across neighborhoods and inspiring generations to come.

Fast forward to 2024, and once again, B-boys and B-girls are poised to make history. This time, they’re not just taking over the streets; they’re taking on the world stage at the Olympic Games in Paris. Breakdancing will step into the spotlight as the first-ever dance sport to compete at the Olympics, a monumental achievement for a dance form rooted in the urban landscapes of the Bronx.

It’s a testament to the resilience and creativity of the B-boy and B-girl community, who have always been at the forefront of innovation. From the humble beginnings of spinning on cardboard mats to the grandeur of competing for Olympic medals, their journey is nothing short of remarkable.

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Let’s talk about a surprising decision made by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Usually, the IOC picks sports that have strong, organized clubs behind them. But this time, they’re making an exception for breakdancing. Unlike many sports, breakdancing isn’t all about official clubs. Instead, it’s more about groups of people coming together informally to dance and break.

This isn’t the first time breakdancing has caught the attention of big events.

  • It had a test run at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires back in 2018. That was its first taste of the Olympic spotlight.
  • Breakdancing competitions also happened at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines.

These events were like practice runs, getting breakdancing ready for its big debut at the Olympics. And now, in 2024, it’s finally getting its chance to shine on the world’s biggest stage. It’s a big leap for a dance style that’s all about creativity, individuality, and coming together as a community. So, get ready to see breakdancing make history once again at the Olympics!

What does the breaking scene think of the Olympic premiere?

Excitement fills the air as people share their thoughts about breakdancing becoming an Olympic sport. Marco Greawert, the founder of Street Beatz crew, thinks it’s fantastic. He believes it’s a chance for underground dancers to showcase their skills to the world. However, not everyone is completely on board with the idea. Some breakers have concerns about the transition.

  • Thorsten Süfke, President of the Berlin Dance Sport Association, worries that turning breakdancing into an Olympic sport might strip away its spontaneity and creativity. He explains that breakdancing isn’t just about competition; it’s a lifestyle.
  • Carl Ferdinand Beccard, a B-Boy and member of Street Beatz, shares similar concerns. He’s afraid that the Olympics might turn breakdancing into something too structured and rigid. Instead of allowing dancers to express themselves freely, he worries that there will be strict rules and guidelines to follow.

It’s clear that while many are excited about breakdancing’s Olympic debut, there are also valid concerns about preserving its unique culture and spirit. Finding the right balance between tradition and competition will be key as breakdancing makes its mark on the world stage.

How will the breaking competitions at the 2024 Olympics work?


Let’s break down how the breakdancing competitions work at the Olympics.

  • There are separate rounds for men and women, each offering a chance to win a medal.
  • In these rounds, 16 B-boys and 16 B-girls face off in thrilling one-on-one battles. It’s like a dance duel!
  • During these battles, each dancer gets 60 seconds to show off their best moves. It’s called a “throw down,” and it’s their time to shine.
  • The judges watch closely, looking for creativity, personality, technique, versatility, performance skills, and musicality.
  • After each battle, the judges give scores based on these criteria.
  • Technique, performance, and creativity are the most important, making up 60 percent of the score. The other 40 percent comes from versatility, personality, and musicality.

The dancer with the highest score moves on to the next round, inching closer to that coveted Olympic medal. It’s all about skill, style, and the thrill of the dance floor. So, get ready to witness some incredible performances as these talented B-boys and B-girls battle it out for Olympic glory!

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So, when will breaking competitions occur at the 2024 Olympics? Breaking competitions at the 2024 Olympics first stats on August 9th, the spotlight will shine on the women as they compete in the qualifying rounds from 4 to 6 pm. Then, the tension will build as the finalists take the stage from 8 to 10 pm, vying for the top spot.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! The following Saturday, August 10th, it’s the men’s turn to show off their skills. Just like the women, they’ll battle it out in the qualifying rounds from 4 to 6 pm. And as the sun sets, the intensity will reach its peak during the final showdown from 8 to 10 pm.

It’s going to be an action-packed weekend in Paris, filled with jaw-dropping moves and electrifying performances that will leave the audience on the edge of their seats. So, get ready to witness history in the making as these talented athletes compete for the coveted title of Olympic champion! Mark your calendars for an exciting weekend of breakdancing battles at the Olympics!

Who are the stars of the breaking scene before the Olympics?


One-on-one battle for men
One-on-one battle for men

Let’s talk about the big names to watch out for in the men’s breakdancing competition at the Olympics.

  • One of the favorites is Phil Wizard from Canada. He’s a three-time world champion, which means he’s really good at what he does.
  • Another standout is Shigekix from Japan. He made waves by grabbing third place at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.
  • But wait, there’s more! Keep an eye out for French b-boy Danny and b-boy Amir from Kazakhstan. They’re both well-known in the breakdancing world and could definitely shake things up at the Olympics.

With these talented dancers in the mix, the competition is sure to be fierce. Who will come out on top and claim the title of Olympic champion? We’ll have to wait and see!


One-on-one battle for women
One-on-one battle for women

Let’s shine a spotlight on the talented women who are set to dazzle us in the breakdancing competition at the Olympics.

  • Keep your eyes peeled for Logistx from the USA and B-Girl Ami from Japan. Logistx is a force to be reckoned with, while B-Girl Ami clinched the top spot at the 2022 World Championships, showcasing her incredible skills.
  • And let’s not forget about B-Girl Ayumi, a true legend in the world of breakdancing. Despite being 39 years old, she’s still dominating the dance floor with her unmatched talent and experience.
  • B-Girl India from the Netherlands is another star to watch out for. She wowed everyone by claiming victory at the 2022 European Championships, proving she’s a force to be reckoned with.
  • And let’s not overlook B-Girl 671 from China and B-Girl MadMax from Belgium. They’re both rising stars in the breakdancing scene, ready to make their mark on the Olympic stage.

With such a talented lineup of women, the competition is sure to be fierce and thrilling. Who will emerge victorious and make history at the Olympics? We’ll soon find out!

If you’re inspired by the news of breaking coming to the Olympics and want to know more about world of cool breaking techniques, please check out the this YouTube video below!

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