Welcome to the world of breakdancing! If you’re just starting out, mastering top rocks is a crucial and exciting part of your breakdance journey. Top rocks are the dance moves performed while standing up, setting the tone and style before delving into more complex power moves or floorwork. In this blog, we’ll explore 10 easy yet stylish top rock moves ideal for beginners, so you can start your breakdancing with confidence.

1. Front Step

The front step, sometimes known as the Indian step, is a fundamental move in the breakdancing world. To perform it, simply step forward and then bring your foot back, alternating between left and right. To add a dynamic element, step diagonally across your body, crossing your legs, and use your arms to create a rhythmic swing that complements your leg movements.

2. Side Salsa Step

Drawing inspiration from salsa, the side salsa step incorporates lateral movements that provide a fluid transition and body sway. Start by stepping to the side, then bring your feet together, and alternate sides. Integrate the movement of your hips and arms to enhance the dance’s aesthetic appeal, shifting your body weight smoothly from one side to the other.

3. Front Salsa Step

The front salsa step is an adaptation of the side salsa but performed forward and backward instead of side to side. This step involves a straightforward movement pattern: step forward with one foot, bring it back, and then repeat with the other foot. As with salsa, the emphasis is on fluid motion and using your body weight to drive the movements.

4. Back Salsa Step

Similar to the front salsa, the back salsa step reverses the direction. Instead of stepping forward, you step backward, adding a unique flavor to the traditional salsa movement. This step allows for a variety of stylistic additions, such as turning your feet and incorporating more pronounced arm movements.

5. Kick Out or CC

The kick out, also known as CC, is slightly more dynamic. It involves kicking one leg out while hopping slightly on the other foot. This move can be alternated from side to side and is excellent for creating a rhythmic pattern that energizes your routine.

6. Cross Over Indian Step

This variation of the front step involves a crossover movement where you kick one leg across the body while jumping slightly. It’s essential to maintain balance and use your arms to help stabilize and add flair to your movements.

7. Back Step

The back step is a reverse movement of the front step. It involves stepping backward while crossing your legs, then alternating sides. This move is particularly effective for creating a contrast in your dance sequence, offering a retreat motion that can be used strategically within your routine.

8. Back Step Variation

Building on the basic back step, this variation introduces a kick at the start of the move. Kick your leg to the side, then cross over to the opposite side while keeping your rhythm. This variation adds a more complex and visually appealing element to the traditional back step.

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9. Side to Side Kick

The side to side kick focuses on lateral movements with a small jump from one foot to the other, lifting the knee and turning the foot outward slightly. This top rock is playful and can be exaggerated for more dramatic effect.

10. Criss Cross

Lastly, the criss cross is an energetic move that involves jumping and crossing your feet alternately. Start with a small hop, opening your legs, then cross one foot in front of the other. This move is fast-paced and works well with upbeat music, providing a lively addition to any routine.


These 10 top rock moves offer a great starting point for any beginner looking to get into breakdancing. Remember, the key to mastering these moves is practice and personal expression. Don’t be afraid to add your unique style and flair as you become more comfortable with the fundamentals. Happy dancing, and see you on the dance floor!

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