Breakdancing, with its explosive movements and intricate footwork, can be an exhilarating dance form to master. Among the essential footwork elements in breakdancing is the 3 Step. This foundational move is a key component of b-boying, offering not just a technique to enhance your dance repertoire, but also a stepping stone to more complex patterns. In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the 3 Step, exploring its basic steps, common variations, and tips for mastering this dynamic move.

Introduction to the 3 Step

The 3Step is a fundamental move in breakdancing that involves precisely what the name suggests: three main steps. It’s a rhythmic, flowing sequence that helps b-boys maintain momentum while transitioning between more complex moves. Learning the 3 Step is critical as it forms the backbone for many other footwork sequences in breakdancing.

The Basic Steps

Step 1: Starting Position

Begin in what resembles a push-up position. This is your initial stance from which all movements in the 3Step will flow.

Step 2: The First Move

From the push-up position, step out with your left foot (if you are doing the move to the left; right footers will mirror these instructions) and face sideways. This is your first step and sets the direction of the sequence.

Step 3: The Switch

Quickly switch your legs, moving the back foot to the front and the front foot to the back. This swift, sweeping motion is your second step and it turns your body orientation.

Step 4: The Push-Up Turn

Rotate back into the push-up position using your left hand to pivot. This is your third step and completes the cycle of the move.

Practice Makes Perfect

To get the 3Step down, you’ll need to practice it repeatedly. At first, it might feel a bit awkward, but with persistent practice, it will become more fluid and natural. You should be able to perform the 3Step without thinking, allowing it to serve as a smooth transition in your dance.

Performing the 3 Step in One Motion

Once you are comfortable with each individual step, begin practicing the 3 Step in a continuous motion. Start with a simple top rock, transition down to your push-up position, and flow through your 3 Steps smoothly and rhythmically. The goal is to keep the movement flowing without any jerky transitions or pauses.

Advanced Variation: The Kick

To add flair and a personal touch to your 3 Step, incorporate a kick. Instead of simply switching feet on the ground, perform a kick with one leg during the switch. This variation not only adds visual appeal but also increases the challenge of the move.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Kick During the Switch: As you perform the switch between the first and second steps, kick out with the front leg instead of merely placing it down.
  2. Maintain Rhythm: It’s crucial to maintain the rhythm and flow even when adding a kick. The kick should be sharp and precise but still fit seamlessly within the three-step cycle.
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Tips for Mastering the 3 Step

  • Stay Low: Keeping a low center of gravity helps maintain balance and control throughout the movement.
  • Use Your Arms: Your arms are not just there for support; use them to help propel your movements and maintain momentum.
  • Focus on Footwork: The beauty of the 3 Step lies in its footwork. Pay close attention to the placement and movement of your feet to ensure precision and fluidity.
  • Practice Slowly: Start slowly to ensure you understand each component of the 3 Step. Gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable.


The 3 Step is more than just a series of movements; it’s a dance philosophy that emphasizes rhythm, control, and seamless flow. As you practice, remember that each step is an opportunity to express your unique style and creativity. Don’t just perform the movements; feel them and make them your own.

By mastering the 3 Step, you lay a strong foundation for more complex breakdancing routines. Keep practicing, stay dedicated, and most importantly, have fun with your dance journey. Remember, in breakdancing, every step is an expression of your artistic self. So, lace up your sneakers, hit the dance floor, and let your 3 Step shine!

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