In the expansive world of breakdancing, mastering diverse footwork patterns is essential for any b-boy or b-girl looking to elevate their game. Today’s tutorial focuses on a unique footwork step taught by the legendary Profo Won from the Floor Gangs crew. Known as the “Hook Step Back,” this continuous footwork pattern is an excellent addition to your dance repertoire, offering both rhythm and style to your sets.

Introducing Profo Won

Profo Won, a respected figure in the breakdancing community, hails from the Bay Area and has been a dynamic presence in the dance scene since 1991. His style is characterized by fluid movements and precise footwork, making his tutorials highly sought after by dancers eager to learn from the best.

Understanding the Hook Step Back

The Hook Step Back isn’t just a move; it’s a cyclic pattern that can continue indefinitely, much like the six-step. This makes it not only a technique to master but also a stamina builder that can keep going “forever,” as Profo Won puts it. It’s designed to start and end in a transition, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into various dancing segments.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Hook Step Back

Step 1: The Hook

  • Starting Position: Begin in a neutral stance with your legs slightly apart.
  • Execution: Hook one leg behind the other, ensuring that the hook is tight and controlled. This hook is the central element of the pattern.

Step 2: The Step Back

  • First Step Back: After hooking, take the leg that is not hooked and step back with it, placing it firmly on the ground to stabilize your body.
  • Second Step Back: Take the hooked leg, unhook it, and step it back as well, returning to a sort of mirrored starting position.

Step 3: Completing the Cycle

  • Repeat on Opposite Side: Hook the other leg and repeat the step back sequence. This symmetry not only balances the dance but also creates a visually appealing pattern.
  • Continuity: The beauty of the Hook Step Back lies in its ability to flow continuously. Each cycle seamlessly transitions into the next without any noticeable beginning or end.

Training Tips for Mastering the Hook Step Back

  • Practice Slowly: Begin by practicing the Hook Step Back slowly to ensure you understand each movement and its purpose. Once you are comfortable, gradually increase your speed.
  • Maintain Rhythm: This step requires a rhythmic movement to execute smoothly. Pay attention to the beat of the music and try to sync your movements accordingly.
  • Focus on Form: As with all dance moves, form is crucial. Poor form not only looks less impressive but can also lead to injuries. Ensure your hooks and steps are performed with precision.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  • Losing Balance: It’s easy to lose balance when performing continuous movements like the Hook Step Back. Focus on grounding your steps and maintaining a strong core to improve stability.
  • Rushing Through the Steps: While speed can be impressive, accuracy is more important. Focus on hitting each step cleanly before trying to speed up.
  • Neglecting Transitions: Since the move is cyclical, smooth transitions are essential. Work on making each transition seamless to enhance the fluidity of your dance.
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Creative Variations and Personalization

Once you have the basic Hook Step Back down, you can start adding personal touches:

  • Add Flares: Include arm movements or torso twists to add flair to the basic steps.
  • Incorporate Levels: Change your levels by dropping lower or adding jumps to make the pattern more dynamic.
  • Experiment with Speed: Play with varying speeds within the same routine to challenge your rhythm and control.


The Hook Step Back is a testament to the creativity and enduring spirit of breakdancing culture. Taught by a seasoned dancer like Profo Won, this move not only enhances your footwork skills but also connects you to the historical roots of b-boying. Practice diligently, pay attention to the details, and most importantly, enjoy the process of learning and adding your unique style to this traditional breakdancing pattern. Whether you’re practicing in a studio or showcasing your skills in a battle, the Hook Step Back is a surefire way to impress and express your passion for dance.

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