Breakdancing is an art form that combines creativity, strength, and a flair for the dramatic. Among its arsenal of moves, the freeze is one of the most iconic. Freezes capture a moment in time, displaying the dancer’s control and balance in a powerful pose. One foundational freeze that every aspiring b-boy or b-girl should master is the Pilot Freeze. This tutorial, led by Vince “Vinsanity” Huchi, will walk you through the basics of the Pilot Freeze and introduce a preparatory exercise known as the Cricket position to help strengthen your core and improve your balance.

Understanding the Pilot Freeze

The Pilot Freeze is a fundamental breakdancing pose that serves as a cornerstone for many more advanced moves. It involves balancing on one arm while the body is elevated off the ground, creating a visually striking pose that appears to defy gravity.

Preparatory Exercise: The Cricket Position

Before attempting the Pilot Freeze, it’s essential to build the necessary strength and control. Vince recommends starting with the Cricket position, a core-strengthening exercise that helps develop the balance needed for the Pilot Freeze.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Cricket Position:

  1. Arm Placement: Place the arm of your dominant side slightly to the side of your stomach, not directly in the center. This arm will bear most of your body weight.
  2. Hand Support: Place your non-dominant hand on the ground for additional support and balance.
  3. Lean Forward: Gently lean forward, shifting your body weight onto your arms. Your feet should remain on the ground initially to gauge your balance.
  4. Lift and Hold: Gradually lift your feet off the ground, trying to balance solely on your arms. Start by holding this position for two seconds, and then relax.
  5. Increase Duration: As you grow more comfortable, increase the duration of the hold. Aim for three seconds, then five, and work your way up to holding the position for ten seconds or more.

This exercise will not only improve your core strength but also familiarize you with the feeling of balancing your body weight on your arms.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Pilot Freeze

Once you have mastered the Cricket position, you can progress to the Pilot Freeze. This move requires you to balance your body in a more dynamic and visually appealing way.

Getting into the Pilot Freeze:

  1. Start Position: Place the same arm used in the Cricket position to your side, using your body to clamp it in place. This positioning is crucial as it provides stability.
  2. Hand Positioning: Place your non-dominant hand on the ground to the side for additional support.
  3. Head Placement: Carefully lean your body forward, allowing your head to come close to or touch the ground. This helps in distributing your weight.
  4. Leg Positioning: Lift one leg upwards while keeping your bottom leg straight and off the ground. This is your basic Pilot Freeze.
  5. Advanced Position: Once you feel stable in the basic pose, try lifting your bottom leg so that both legs are off the ground. This requires more strength and balance but results in a more impressive freeze.
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Tips for Mastering the Pilot Freeze

  • Practice Regularly: Consistency is key in mastering any breakdancing move. Practice daily if possible.
  • Focus on Form: Pay close attention to the placement of your arms and legs. Proper form prevents injuries and ensures the effectiveness of the freeze.
  • Use Mirrors: Practicing in front of a mirror can help you see and correct your form in real-time.
  • Record Your Practice: Video recordings are invaluable for noticing subtle mistakes in your technique that you might not feel while performing the move.
  • Stay Patient: Progress may be slow, but with persistence, you will see improvement.


The Pilot Freeze is more than just a move—it’s a statement. It showcases a dancer’s ability to control and manipulate their body in ways that captivate an audience. By building strength through the Cricket position and gradually working into the Pilot Freeze, you’ll develop not only physical prowess but also the confidence to execute more complex moves. Remember, breakdancing is an expression of individuality. As you learn the Pilot Freeze, think about how you can put your unique spin on it to truly make it your own. Keep practicing, stay inspired, and most importantly, enjoy every step of your breakdancing journey.

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