Greetings, dance enthusiasts! Today, we have the privilege of learning from Swellz 1, a masterful breakdancer from the esteemed Fallen Kings and 2nd Nature Crews. Hailing from Sacramento, Swellz 1 has devoted most of his life to dancing and perfecting the art of breakdancing. In this tutorial, he will guide us through the dynamic and thrilling combo of transitioning from a swipe to a ninja. Whether you’re a seasoned b-boy/b-girl or a budding dancer, this tutorial promises to enhance your repertoire with a slick new combination.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the combination, it’s essential to master each element individually. The swipe and the ninja are both foundational moves in breakdancing, each with its own flair and technical requirements.

The Swipe

The swipe is an explosive, ground-based move that showcases your ability to rotate and control your body through space. It begins in a standing position, transitions through a hand placement on the floor, and involves sweeping your legs around in a wide arc. The key to a powerful swipe is maintaining momentum and ensuring each movement is fluid and controlled.

The Ninja

The ninja, on the other hand, is known for its dramatic, aerial expression. It involves a precise jump from the swipe, with one leg kicking over the other while landing softly on your hands and feet in a crouched position. This move not only requires physical strength but also a good deal of courage and precision.

Step-by-Step Guide to Swipe to Ninja

Step 1: Mastering the Swipe

  • Starting Position: Begin standing with your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. This stance provides the necessary balance and space to initiate the swipe.
  • Initiate the Swipe: Push off from the ground with your hands, placing them firmly on the floor as you begin to rotate your body. Your legs should sweep around in a wide, circular motion.
  • Rotation: As your body rotates, keep your core engaged and your movements fluid. The power of the swipe comes from a combination of arm strength and rotational momentum from your legs and hips.

Step 2: Transitioning to the Ninja

  • Mid-Swipe Adjustment: As you complete your first swipe and prepare for the second, focus on the placement of your feet. Instead of completing another swipe, you will transition into the ninja.
  • The Kick Over: During the second swipe, throw your dominant leg (right or left) over the non-dominant leg. This action should be swift and controlled. Aim to have your kicking leg create a dynamic, arching trajectory over the other.
  • Landing: Land softly on the ground in a crouched position. Your hands should touch down on the concrete to stabilize your landing, and your body should be ready to absorb the impact gracefully.

Step 3: Perfecting the Ninja Pose

  • Final Position: Once you’ve landed, ensure your body is balanced and poised. The final pose of the ninja is crucial as it demonstrates your control and finesse after the dynamic movements of the swipe.
  • Recovery: Practice getting up from the ninja position smoothly, maintaining the flow and style inherent to breakdancing.
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Tips for Practice

  • Repetition is Key: Like any complex physical activity, mastering the swipe to ninja combo requires repetition. Practice each component separately before attempting the full combination.
  • Focus on Form: Pay close attention to your form throughout each step. Proper form ensures not only the aesthetics of the move but also your safety.
  • Record and Review: Consider recording your practice sessions. Video feedback is an invaluable tool for identifying areas that need improvement and for tracking your progress.


Learning the swipe to ninja with guidance from Swellz 1 is an excellent opportunity to enhance your breakdancing skills. This combo, rich with dynamic movements and stylistic expression, offers both a challenge and a reward for dancers willing to dedicate themselves to practice. Remember, the journey to becoming proficient in breakdancing is as rewarding as it is rigorous. Keep practicing, stay inspired, and continue pushing the limits of what your body can do. Dance on, and let the rhythm never stop guiding your moves!

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