Introduction & Prerequisites

Welcome to the energetic world of breakdancing! In this tutorial, we’ll be focusing on one of the foundational moves in the breakdance repertoire: the swipe. Swipes are a visually spectacular move that adds flair to any breakdancing routine. Before diving into the steps, it’s essential to prepare your body to handle the physical demands of swiping.

Start With a Warm-Up Always begin with a warm-up focusing on your wrists and core, as these areas endure significant stress during swipes. Exercises like wrist rotations and planks can be incredibly beneficial.

Ensure You Have a Stable Core A strong core is crucial for performing swipes effectively. If your core strength isn’t where it needs to be, incorporate core-strengthening exercises into your routine. Over time, practicing swipes will naturally enhance your core stability.

1) Body Position & Arm Movement

Getting Into Position The first step in mastering swipes involves setting up the correct body position. Start in a bridge-like position with your hands and feet on the floor. Ensure your arms and legs are parallel, and your hands point away from your body, optimizing balance and stability.

Weight Distribution and Arm Dynamics Shift your weight onto one arm, allowing your body to pivot smoothly over it. This arm acts as a pivot point, while the other helps generate the motion needed for the swipe. It’s crucial to keep your hips elevated throughout the move—never let them sag towards the floor.

Practice Tips

  • Ensure your shoulders are directly over your wrists to avoid undue strain.
  • Practice shifting your weight from one arm to the other in front of a mirror to check your form.

2) Leg Movement

Initiating the Swipe As you become comfortable with the arm positioning, begin to incorporate leg movements. The swipe requires a dynamic and explosive leg push, which propels your body into a brief, controlled handstand.

Executing the Swipe Push off with your legs as your body weight shifts between your arms. This push is not just upward but slightly rotational, adding to the swipe’s visual flair. The legs should move fluidly and powerfully, helping to lift your hips and rotate your body.

Continuous Practice

  • Start by practicing half-swipes, focusing on lifting your hips and maintaining body tension.
  • Gradually progress to full swipes, ensuring each movement is controlled and precise.

3) Twist Motion

Mastering the Twist The final step in performing a swipe is mastering the twist motion. This involves not only your arms and legs but also a significant torsion from your core.

Technique As you transfer weight from one arm to the other, kick out with the opposite leg, using it to drive a twist in your hips. This movement should be fluid and powerful, resembling a spinning top.


  • Focus on landing smoothly and maintaining hip height throughout the twist.
  • Practice in slow motion to understand the mechanics of your body movements.

Challenges and Tips

  • It’s normal for your body tension to drop initially when learning this move. Regular practice will help maintain body tension throughout the swipe.
  • Start slow, aiming for quality and control rather than speed.
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Review & Practice Congratulations on learning the swipe! Remember, mastering this move takes practice and patience. Review each step frequently, ensuring that you maintain form and control throughout the process.

Health and Safety Always prioritize your physical health by warming up properly and listening to your body’s signals. If a movement feels wrong, stop and assess before continuing.

Next Steps Once comfortable with basic swipes, experiment with variations and incorporate them into your routines. Each practice session is an opportunity to refine your technique and add your unique style to this dynamic move.

Stay Motivated Keep pushing your limits, and don’t get discouraged by setbacks. Breakdancing is a challenging but rewarding art form that thrives on creativity and resilience.

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