In this interview, we delve into the life and career of Tomi Fly – a prominent figure in the Breaking (breakdancing) community. From the heights of stage success to the journeys of passion pursuit, we unravel the colorful and emotive journey through this conversation. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind the dazzling facade of a breaking virtuoso.

Interview with b-boy Tomi Fly
Interview with b-boy Tomi Fly

Who are you and what you do?

I go by the name Tomi Fly. I have been a breaking (dance) artist for 21 years now. I used to compete a lot, while now I mostly perform and teach. I run a clothing brand called “iampossible”. I am a part time film maker, sometimes photographer, but most of the time just a visual story teller on social media.

How did you start with Breaking (and with filmmaking)?

I saw a breaking performance on a TV show and very soon after that, destiny found its way to hold breaking classes in our little city. Film making – my oldest brother was passionate about capturing things with his camera and he taught me how to put videos together by myself when I was 12. I did nothing related to cameras/editing in between for many years but I am active again since 2016.

How did you start with Breaking (and with filmmaking)?
How did you start with Breaking (and with filmmaking)?

How does your typical day look like when you perform?

When I used to perform with Hervé Koubi in his theatre company, I would usually set the alarm to wake up to go & have breakfast. After several coffees & writing prayers in my diary, I did a cold shower & got back to sleep.

I would say that only about 5% of the time, our shows would take place in cities that were worth “sacrificing energy for“ and in those cases, I used my free time to explore, go sightseeing, meet local friends, film things. Otherwise, my main priority was retaining my best energy for that day’s show.

Rehearsals usually started anytime around lunch time and they would last 3 – 5 or more hours. The few remaining hours before the show, I usually went to lay down and try to sleep. Then again, did a cold shower, put the costume, warmed up, prayed with the whole team and finally performed. After that, I either enjoyed hanging out with my colleagues or go back to the hotel and/or work on my video edits or do series of cold-hot baths for recovery.

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Only 1% of the time, I would go to a party and even then, I wouldn’t drink or waste energy. I think it’s interesting to picture what a boring routine I had, but I enjoyed it that way because my present/future missions & priorities were accomplished.

What are the main ingredients that brought you where you are now?

The 10.000 hours/repetitions law – to master something. That made me level up & I was able to stand out with my style & powermoves. I may haven’t won all the competitions but most of the time, I made the “hypest”, most memorable moment of the day. It was inevitable for me to gain attention and interest by the audience & people who would later book me for jobs.

Another important aspect, which I thank myself for, is that I haven’t waited for nobody to come travel with me – I started to travel on my own very early. Another one is staying grounded, being kind & fair. We are micro celebrities and I find it great to not abuse this power that we might / easily have over people. As a mentor told me, “being a good person makes 50% of success”. Last & my favorite, is the art of letting the universe work things out for me.

What are the main ingredients that brought you where you are now?
What are the main ingredients that brought you where you are now?

If the younger version of yourself would see you now, would he be happy and why?

Yes, luckily I have countless personal & professional reasons to be on the positive side. I am a great example of wasted potential – I am sure that lots of people, including me, expected more from me as a professional/competitive dancer. I’ve always done several things at once – school, dance, dance school, event organisation, running a brand, office administration… so it makes sense that my attention, focus, time, energy, were lost by being divided into many activities. But somehow, I was still among the elite of the world breakers for many years.

I really enjoy the diversity of everything I do and to this day, I accept the fact that my things still grow very very slowly or almost nothing. I love being the jack of all trades. Overall, I believe that I’ve gained lots of different skills and I’ve strenghtened one of the best qualities to have – the ability to adapt. So after all, I feel very complete and as I’ve realized, maximized my inner self, compared to, if I had only been a hardcore dancer. I feel great knowing that dance gave me a life but I’ve lived another great life outside of it as well.

What would you like to learn or improve about yourself in what you do and in your life as a person?

There is discipline to be improved, time management and growth in many senses. I believe I will dive more into photography, video editing, brand curation, perhaps marketing and all things business. But also basic science, psychology and how / why we function as humans. I would like to optimize my life with minimalistic habits and be a person that my people can benefit from.

Where do you take inspiration from? Some people/movies/books or anything else that inspired or inspires you?

  • Movies: 8 mile – Eminem, Dragon – Bruce Lee, Les Choristes, The Great Gatsby, Wolf of Wallstreet, The Joker.
  • Individuals: Bboy Cico, Casey Neistat, Tate brothers.
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In general, I love people I share my life with. I prefer idolizing my friends over celebrities. I am a very attentive listener, I take pieces of people’s lives & I implement it into my style of living. I can’t express enough, how many incredible people I have access to – most of them don’t have any influence, a big following or some huge public success.

What are your goals for the short term future (up to 1 year)?

I want to successfully conclude some of my upcoming tours, projects and have my students reach next levels. I would love to proceed towards writing (hopefully finish) my autobiography book, that should include life lessons, spiritual & psychological aspects that I found by myself & found useful during my journey.

My brand celebrates 10 years of existence this december, for my 30th birthday – for this occasion I want to have my new website ready.

I also want to make a short film that includes the greatest moments of myself traveling & people wearing my brand. I want this film creation to premiere at Break The Floor, which is one of the most prestigious breaking competitions & it takes place where Cannes film festival happens every year.

For the rest, hoping for health, wealth & to use my wisdom to my advantage.

What are your goals for the short term future (up to 1 year)?
What are your goals for the short term future (up to 1 year)?

How do you see yourself in 10 years & do you think is it hard to imagine a long term future with Breaking only?

I don’t think I want to be dependant on breaking, but I want it to be part of me forever.

In 10 years, I see myself financially and geographically free, mostly surrounded by longtime friends, I wish I could afford having my parents traveling / spending time with me, an extraordinary woman by my side or even more of them. I want a healthy and active lifestyle.

I guess my purpose would still be teaching powermoves and coaching those who want compete in the breaking world, hopefully regardless if I’d make money off that. I also want my time to be free, to produce & work on a documentary series about my life. I want to evolve my future book into a visual perspective. Mostly for myself to watch, look back at my journey and enjoy.

At some point, I might dive more into psychology, life coaching and healing. I am certain that my life experience and wisdom, already affect people in constructive ways, I want to expand my brand “iampossible” into a physichal and mental wellness program, a daily “how to life” script, that can serve a higher purpose, outside of the breaking world. And in case I decide to step out of the spotlight, fail or still only own few coins, I will keep living my best life without anyone knowing.

What is your final message to people who have similar goals as yours?

I have a few. Know yourself, find out what you don’t like and build your life accordingly. Always count your blessings. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Become able to generate joy out of nothing, out of your inside, independently & unconditionally. Don’t lose small joys in the hope of big happiness.

Life is very simple but it’s very difficult to be simple. Video games are programmed in advance, so the game is already programmed to be won at some point & so can we.

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Through his insights and experiences, we’ve come to appreciate the dedication, passion, and artistry that define Tomi‘s approach to life. From the challenges faced to the triumphs celebrated, Tomi Fly’s journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the boundless creativity.  If you want to reach out to him, here some useful links:
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