Are you eager to add some fresh, dynamic moves to your breakdancing repertoire? If you’ve ever admired the fluid, spinning motions of breakdancers and wondered how they make such complex moves look effortless, today is your lucky day. In just five minutes, you can start your journey towards mastering the baby mill, a visually striking move that’s fundamental in the world of breakdancing. This blog post will guide you through a quick, efficient learning process, starting with the basics of the windmill, moving through the Bar Mitzvah backspin, and culminating in the basic barrel mill.

What Does the Windmill Look Like

The windmill is a cornerstone move in breakdancing, characterized by continuous, circular leg movements while rotating over the shoulders and upper back. It serves as the foundation for more complex moves like the baby mill. Here’s how you can begin:

Starting Position

Lie on your back with your arms spread wide for balance. The key to a successful windmill is setting up a strong initial pose.

The Movement

  1. Lift your hips: Start by lifting your hips off the ground, using your shoulders as the pivot points.
  2. Rotate your legs: Swing your legs in a wide circular motion. As your legs come over your body, use the momentum to lift your torso off the ground.
  3. Shift shoulders: As your legs continue rotating, shift from one shoulder to the other. The movement should be fluid and continuous.

Practice this for about a minute, focusing on smooth transitions and maintaining momentum. Remember, the cleaner your windmill, the easier it will be to transition into a baby mill.

Bar Mitzvah Backspin

The Bar Mitzvah backspin adds flair and can be a stylish way to transition in routines. Despite its playful name, mastering this move adds a lot of character to your dance.

How to Execute

  1. Sit down: Start by sitting with your legs extended forward.
  2. Roll back: Lean back, rolling over your upper back, then snap forward, coming back to a seated position.
  3. Add a pop: As you roll back, add a pop by thrusting your hips upwards. This will elevate the move and give it a more dynamic look.

Practice this backspin for another minute. The key is to get comfortable with the ‘pop’ as it will help in executing the baby mill more effectively.

Basic Barrel Mill

The barrel mill is a variation of the windmill where the legs stay closer together, making the spins tighter and faster. This move is crucial as it transitions directly into the baby mill.

Performing the Barrel Mill

  1. Tight leg position: Instead of spreading your legs wide as in a traditional windmill, keep them closer together. This changes the dynamics of the spin.
  2. Focus on shoulders: Much like the basic windmill, shift from one shoulder to the other, but with your legs closer, your spins will naturally become faster.
  3. Control and speed: As your legs are closer, you need to control your movement more meticulously to maintain balance and speed.
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Spend another minute refining this move. The ability to control your speed and balance with tighter leg positions is critical for executing a flawless baby mill.


Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first steps towards mastering the baby mill by learning its foundational moves: the windmill, Bar Mitzvah backspin, and barrel mill. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in not only performing the baby mill but also enhancing your overall breakdancing skills. Remember, practice is key. Dedicate time to refine each move, and gradually, you’ll see them blending seamlessly into one another. Breakdancing is an art that requires patience, persistence, and passion. Keep pushing your limits, and most importantly, have fun with every spin and every pop. Happy dancing!

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